What’s a True Leader?

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What’s a True Leader?


True leaders are individuals, regardless of their level, position, or title, who rise to the top because they:

  • naturally stand out,
  • live by a set of guiding values,
  • have an innate concern for people,
  • have and share a clear and inspiring vision,
  • are confident and capable—yet not egotistical and self-centered, and
  • understand and apply a core set of basic leadership principles.

What about authority? Having authority does not make someone a leader, it simply grants individuals the ability to make decisions that impact others. True leaders exert influence by gaining others’ trust, respect, and admiration.

I will provide additional insights into what sets true leaders apart in future blog entries.

Allen Stalvey
Coach, Author & Producer of the Success Empowerment Program
VP of Operations, Dallas / Fort Worth Area